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Research B2B contacts and campaign management

At Datacrete, we are here to listen to your needs and act accordingly, every business nowadays needs to scale up and we provide you with humaize approach to data research tailored to your business needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

For any new business or existing for a while it is essential to invest in SEO. These results takes time to appear. We offer Website audit, on page, off page, technical and local SEO which eventually drive traffic to your website and also brand awareness

Data annotation and labelling

Training the AI for improve detection and making our life easy in the process is very important now a days. We do the annotations mainly of Image, moving object videos, polygonal image segmentation & key point image.

Paid Search

Today is an era of search, people are constantly searching for the products and services they need. With the help of google analytics and Ads we can help you to reach your potential customers

paid media

Research suggest that on an average people invest around 4-5 hours a day on different social media platforms. So businesses try to grab their attention over there via ads, we focus on facebook, instagram and Linkedin ads.

website development

Our dedicated team of developers will help you in building a customised website according to your choice.

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We are a bunch of young and enthusiast team dedicated to provide services which will leverage your business no matter which sector you are in.
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Case Studies

Demandmore is an advertising PPC agency, they needed a custom list for them to prospect on, considering targeted industry and niche market they were also finding it difficult to penetrate in the UK market with their offerings for increasing competition and is difficult to stand out as more companies are offering the same services ……

Increasingly were emerging SaaS companies back in 2019 when they approached us. They built an interesting software which can generate sales and boost onsite products sales by a significant margin. Their AI technology enhances the online shopping experience by suggesting bundle offers which customers………